12 Week Program – $250

Event Specific Coaching

60-75 Minute Training Sessions

Consistent Assessments

Technical Visual Analysis

Age Appropriate Training

Professional Coaching

What You Get

Roots Track and Field Club develops more ways for you to Improve speed, boost your power, and increase your endurance with professional coaching and training. Enhance your technique and train with confidence, and gain professional insight to immediate improvement and smash your goals! Crush your training progressions, winning workouts, winning results.

Monday & Thursday – 5:30 – 6:45pm

May 27th – August 12th 

Additional Costs


1) Meet Fees. You will be charged 2 weeks prior to a meet to register your athlete. (Typical Range: $15-$25 for each meet)

2) Uniforms Cost $90 and includes the singlet and shorts for competition. The singlet and shorts must be worn at all competitions

3) Members also need a USATF membership ($25) and an AAU Memberships ($16). These memberships are yearly renewals.

4) We require all athletes participate in 1 fundraiser for the indoor season raising a minimum of $125 ($250 max per family) for the team. If fundraising is something your family is opposed to, you can also write a check to cover the fundraiser.

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